Cleaning at Mario's

How do I get Merit Badges?

You get Merit Badges after completing daily mini-tasks in Mario’s house.

How do I get a mini-quest?

In order to get a task from Mario, you have to enter his house and click on the workbench. Mario gives you a random task once every 24 hours.

If I don’t want or can’t complete a daily task from Mario, can I cancel or change it?

Yes, if you don’t want to complete Mario’s daily task for some reason, you can ask him for a new one the next day, which will replace the current one.


How to improve Mario’s mood?

In order to make our friend the Plumber happy, you have to buy some furniture for his house, which will drop a valuable resource - “Mario’s mood”.

Furniture is available to purchase for Merit Badges.

How often can I collect “Mario’s mood” from the furniture?

You can collect “Mario’s mood” every two hours, but not more than three times a day. If you don’t want to wait for two hours, you can speed up the drop of “Mario’s moods” using diamonds.

Attention! On the first day after the purchase the furniture drops “Mario’s moods” only once. The only exception is the Table, which drops “Mario’s moods” twice.

Does the amount of dropped “Mario’s moods” depend on the type of furniture?

Yes. Small and ordinary items, such as chairs, lamps, shelves drop only one “Mario’s mood”, but bigger pieces of furniture like tables and bathtubs drop 2, 5 and even 8 “Mario’s moods”.

When will the new rooms be available?

New rooms in Mario’s house will be opening as his mood improves.

Why can’t I move furniture to another place?

A piece of furniture only becomes movable if you have already received “Mario’s moods” from it three times.

Can I create as many different types of furniture as I want?

Yes, but bear in mind, that Mario’s house has a limited space so all the furniture you want to put inside might simply not fit in. :)


After I received the decoration item with a raccoon, the quest “Cleaning at Mario’s” has disappeared. Is it impossible now to improve his mood?

The task is completed after you craft the first raccoon decoration. After that you can visit Mario every day to get mini quests from him, in order to Merit Badges coins, buy furniture and improve our friend’s mood.


Are Mario’s tasks all the same? I get the same task of cleaning the rubbish for the second day in a row. 

No, tasks are random, but it can happen that you can get the same one on the next day.


Occasionally a raccoon appears on the furniture, is it supposed to be that way? Are there any rewards for feeding the racoon? 

Yes, a raccoon will occasionally return and you have to give him special treats to make him leave Mario’s house, otherwise the next day he will invite his friends in. Feeding a raccoon gives no reward but it enables you to collect “Mario’s moods” from the furniture.


Is it necessary to expel a raccoon?

You have to expel raccoons in order to be able to collect “Mario’s moods” from the furniture.

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