GTC Levels

What are the GTC levels and what are they for?

You are getting GTC points for each diamond you spend, your GTC progress bar will be gradually filling up, until you reach the next GTC level. On each GTC level you will be getting new bonuses and rewards. More detailed information will be given below.


How do you get GTC points?

You get GTC points for spending diamonds. One spent diamond is equal to one GTC point.

How do you get GTC levels?

A player gets GTC levels by gaining the required amount of GTC points. For every new GTC level, more GTC points are required. For example, in order to reach the first GTC level, a player has to spend 25 diamonds, the next one requires 75 diamonds, and so on, and diamonds can be spent either at once, or gradually.


What benefits do GTC levels give?

GTC levels give players many benefits.

1 level: 1 free diamond a week

2 level: 5% payment bonus on all lots and a new dress

3 level: access to unique decorations in the Shop, more experience and coins from trash and monsters

4 level: access to unique adventures and +1 free spin of the Wheel of Fortune per day

5 level: unique rewards for adventures, another four diamonds a week

6 level: one Medal of Adventures a week, twice as many items for the Magic Shop

7 level: the payment bonus has been increased to 10 percent on all lots, even more experience and coins from trash and monsters!

8 level: access to even more unique adventures, +2 free spins of the Wheel of Fortune per day

9 level: unique Evening Dress, possibility to change the look of Anna's house, and access to more unique decorations in the Shop

10 level: the payment bonus has been increased to 15% on all lots, +3 free spins of the Wheel of Fortune per day, one chest of coals per week, and an invite to join an exclusive group.

What if I receive several GTC levels at once?

Each new GTC level includes all the bonuses from a previous one, except the payment bonus. The payment bonus will be replaced with a new one.  


Will the GTC levels remain the same or will they be dropping through time?

Your VIP level will remain the same, it will not be decreased.


What does the +5% payment bonus (+10%, +15%) on all lots mean?

Depending on your GTC level, you will have a bonus on a diamonds’ purchase in the Bank, which means that you will be able to purchase more diamonds for a standard price.


How do I know if the week has passed, so I can collect free rewards (diamonds or a Medal of Adventures)?

When you reach the 1st GTC level, you will get a tree which will drop a free diamond once a week. Once you receive this tree, a timer will start, and after a full week has passed, the timer will reset and you will be able to collect another diamond from the tree.


What if I won’t enter the game for a week, will the free diamond disappear from the tree?

If you play the game regularly but forget to collect diamonds from the tree every week, they will accumulate. If you haven't entered the game for a long period time, the diamonds will not accumulate, and no matter how much time has gone by, you will only be able to collect just one reward from the tree.


Where can I see all my bonuses and bonuses which will be available on higher GTC levels?

You can view all bonuses available to you and future bonuses on higher GTC levels by clicking the small circle with your current GTC level, which is located on your GTC progress bar at the top of the screen.




Where do I find my coins now?

You can find your coins in your inventory by clicking on the 'Contents' icon and then opening the 'Materials' tab.



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