Tips and tricks

Storage room is a special place, which can be accessed via a button in the bottom right corner. Usually the storage room is full of trash, which can be removed in order to receive precious resources and materials. This can be done every 30 minutes or even faster, provided you’ve used some diamonds.

Daily bonus is an everyday gift given to all our players. It contains resources, materials and sometimes even diamonds. To collect your own daily gift, simply log into the game and grab the gift in the special window that will pop up. Doing this each day for 4 or 7 days will get you additional diamonds.

You may have noticed a small Fairy flying around the city. Tap the Fairy in order to hear her tale (a short advertisement). After that, you will be offered 4 chests, each one of them containing a treasure! You can hear 4 tales at once, after that the Fairy will leave and come back 30 minutes later.

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