Tips and tricks

There are lots of different ways to speed up resource and material collection in the game:


Daily Bonus: Every day, players can get a special gift that contains resources. To get the daily bonus, all you have to do is log in to the game and collect it from the window that appears. If you log in for 7 days in a row, you'll get an even bigger reward.


Reward for watching ads: you probably noticed the little fairy who floats above the town from time to time. Click on her to watch a fairy tale (a short ad video). After you watch the video, the fairy will give you a reward.


Free Chest: next to the daily reward icon, you'll see a chest. In addition to the chests that can be bought with diamonds (which give you a lot more resources!), every two hours you get a free standard chest containing various resources.


Marquee: once every 24 hours, you get an exciting chance to test your luck in the fortuneteller's marquee. Choose one of the cards to get resources, coins, or even diamonds. The longer you play, the better your reward. But watch out for the slimer - if you happen to draw a card with a slimer on it, all prizes you've racked up until that point will be lost. But you can always pay off the slimer with diamonds. If you decide that you've won enough and don't want to tempt fate any more, just don't turn over the next card. You can then take your prize and leave. Just don't forget to come back next time.


Beauty Levels: these guarantee you additional resources (more and more with each beauty level!) for completing adventures and opening free chests. But that's not all! When you reach a new beauty level, Anna's movement speed increases, and you also get a one-time reward of diamonds. The higher the beauty level, the more diamonds you'll get.

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