Snow-bound town. Questions & Answers

There are so many items in this quest! What are they for?


Flasks, Crates and Baskets are needed to gear up expeditions.

Wreckage parts are needed for extracting Power converters from Detectors.

Empty bottles are needed for collecting Ectoplasm.

Bandages will come in handy to clear Icy roots out of the way and collecting Mandrake.


Waterbutt mushrooms are required to walk on icy water. In various ponds you can find Frostleaf and other valuable resources.

With Enchanted secateurs you can cut the Ironflower roots and shear Mountain sheep.

Defrosting potion will help you melt Giant floes and collect valuable “Fish eyes” from the crystals with the same name.


Fishing rod hooks are required to open Sunken boxes.

Dynamite is needed for destroying Brittle stones.

A Splitter Battery is needed if you want to extract Red crystal or clear Crystallized stones.

An Amulet will help to remove the barrier from a Runic slab and take it with you.


Where can I create all those items?


All those items can be created by Matt, Kichi and Chris in Snow-bound town. To create those items you will need special resources which can also be found in the town. Bear in mind that not all the items and resources are available from the beginning. To unlock some of them you need to upgrade a Workshop/a Lab/a Glasshouse. Upgrades and new items are unlocked as you advance through the adventure (see the table below).


1 level

2 level

3 level

Matt's workshop

Crates / Tools

Enchanted secateurs / Hook


Chris’ lab

Flasks / Empty bottles

Defrosting potion

Splitter battery

Kichi’s glasshouse

Baskets / Bandages

Waterbutt mushrooms



Also after completing the adventure you will be accompanied by a Mysterious Vendor in every expedition, you can purchase all the required items with diamonds from him.


How often resources appear in the Town?

Every 20 minutes one unit of every resource available for you appears. New resources appear as you advance through the adventure.

Attention! Not more than 8 units of each resource can be on a map at the same time!

Why does the Exchanger have so little decorations, where do I get the rest?

You can find blueprints for new decorations in the expeditions or just buy all the blueprints for diamonds.

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