Cave Goa Lawah

How do I move the statue?


To move the statue, you need to build a path of crystals in front of it. You need to click on the path and a window will open, there you will see which crystals you need to build one tile of the path. You can create a crystal in a corresponding color area or just buy a crystal of the desired color for some diamonds. The statue will be moving forward one tile at a time except places where the path is already built and the statue will move forward several tiles at once.



Where do I find crystal shards?


You can collect crystal shards in the cave, but after you collect them you will have to wait for 2 hours before you can collect again, however you can skip the waiting time by paying some diamonds. You can also purchase crystal shards from Fluff.




Where do I find colorless crystals?


Moops Fluff can create colorless crystals if you bring him crystal shards.


How do I color crystals?


The crystals are colored from left to right. You have to place a crystal to a coloring zone corresponding to the color you need. For example, if you need a yellow-purple crystal, you have to place the crystal in the yellow zone first and after an hour move it to the purple zone (click on it and choose 'Move' option - arrows icon). If you need a crystal of just one color (for example, fully purple), after you place it into the purple zone and wait for an hour you have to click on it and choose ‘Use’ option (door icon) leaving it in the same zone. If you don’t want to wait you can always skip the time by paying some diamonds.



There is no zone of the color that I need, what do I do?


Each zone changes its color every 4 hours and 5 minutes. You have to wait for the appropriate color zone to appear. You can speed up zone color change by paying diamonds.


Why is there only one spot for placing crystals in the coloring zone?


After reaching the third island you will get more spots for placing crystals and also more zones for collecting crystal shards which you can unlock with some Moops' currency. The further you progress the more coloring spots you will be able to unlock.


Also, straight after the tutorial a place for storing a crystal will be available to you.



How far back does the statue move?


The statue moves one tile back and stays there. At first the statue will be moving back every several hours but the further you progress the more time you will have before it moves back.


Will the statue keep moving back all the time?


No, the statue won’t be moving back if it stopped on a pre-painted tile (next to one of the silver chests), and on special islands.


To progress through the quest I need the Token of Harmony, the Token of wisdom and the Token of bravery.


You will be able to get those items from the following quests: The Token of harmony you can find in the "Behind the scenes" adventure, The token of wisdom in the "Little Evil" adventure, and The token of bravery in the "On the other side" adventure. You can also purchase each token for diamonds.


When will I get ‘A thirst for adventure’ outfit?


Anna’s new ‘A thirst for adventure’ outfit will become available to you after you complete the ‘Cave Goa Lawah’.

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