Mushroom season

How to create bait and catch Mushroom Guardians?

In order to create bait and catch Mushroom Guardians you have to grow mushrooms on the clearings. And to grow mushrooms you will need nutrients and rain.

How to grow mushrooms on clearings?

To grow certain mushrooms, you need to spread out a special "nutrient" made of herbs and mushrooms on the edge of the forest. Also it is important that it rains - all mushrooms grow during the rain. But bear in mind that in order for the rain to start you have to be online in the game, without your presence the rain won’t start. During the rain parasite mushrooms will be appearing on the clearing, you have to remove them otherwise good mushrooms won’t grow. Mushrooms grow after the rain near each of the placed baits. But if there are three mushrooms next to a bait, others won’t grow next to it! So you should place baits further from each other.

What do I do so it starts raining?

The rain will start only when you’re present in the game. After it stops raining, a 2 hour timer will appear above the Fairy of the Rain - you have to wait for the time to run out, and only after that you can expect it to rain again. However, if you have been offline and the timer had run out, after you come back online you will have to wait for 10 mins before it starts to rain again. And remember that you can always make it start raining by paying some diamonds.

Where do I get herbs for creating nutrients?

You can grow herbs in the garden. You will need certain seeds - you can find them in the forest by clearing trash piles or you can buy them from Fawn. When you plant a seed into the ground, a timer starts above it. When the timer runs out you can collect your plant (you can always skip the time by paying some diamonds). Certain plants grow in two stages, and also during a specific time of the day. Hover your mouse over the name of the seed in the recipe to see when it grows. Sometimes weeds will appear in the garden, you have to remove them otherwise they will kill all the other plants.

How do irongrass and bamboo grow?

Irongrass grows only at night in two stages, an hour each. The second stage won’t start without your presence in the game, so you have to be online. Bamboo grows only during the day in two stages as well.

What simple and complex nutrients are for?

Nutrients are required for growing mushrooms on the clearings. If you create a simple nutrient there will be a small chance to grow a rare mushroom. If you create a complex nutrient you’ll have a great chance to grow a rare mushroom. You can create nutrients out of herbs and mushrooms or purchase required materials for diamonds.

How to place nutrient on the clearing?

After you have created nutrient and you collect it - it is placed on the same spot where Anna is standing, a small red cross appears on the ground - it marks the spot where nutrient is placed.

What are nocturnal mushrooms?

Some mushrooms grow only during the night. You can either wait for the right time (a change of day and night occurs every 4 hours), or use the help of a fairy who can instantly change the time of day for a small fee.

How do I create bait to catch Mushroom Guardians?

You can see the recipe for bait by clicking on one of the mushroom houses, which has an exclamation mark icon above it. You can create a bait by collecting diurnal and nocturnal mushrooms. You can also purchase bait for diamonds.

In some baits' recipes for Guardians totems are required - where do I get them?

You will be receiving those totems after completing certain quest which will be released soon. The first one, Totem of Unity, you are able to acquire from the 'Eternal Night' quest. Totem of Purpose you can get from the 'Dark World' adventure. The Totem of Support can be found in the 'Ghost by the Fountain' quest. And the Totem of Sincerity you will get from the 'Weeping boy' quest.

How do I move Anna to a certain clearing?

You can use the forest marks for fast travel between clearings, but you have to click not the nearest forest mark to you, but the one in the zone where you want to travel to - it will have a fast travel icon above it.

How do I get more garden beds for planting seeds?

You can purchase additional garden beds for ‘Forest currency’.

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