2 season - Alternative history

How do I get to the second season map?


You have to click on the compass icon in the right lower corner of the screen.


How do I exit the second season map?


To go back to the Lilobus or continue other quests you have to click the small map icon in the lower right corner twice.


What are the cauldrons for and how do they work?

In the cauldrons you can create items required in a quest. In the left hand side menu you will see a list of recipes. Click on a recipe you need. In order to create an item you have to collect some resources. Resources can be collected on a new Compass location by clearing garbage piles. Other resources can be requested from your friends. It is also possible to purchase resources for diamonds. When you have all the resources you need, click on the ‘Create’ button and the item will start being made in a cauldron. Each cauldron has a timer on it - it shows how much time is left until an item is created. Time can always be skipped by paying diamonds. When an item is ready click the ‘Collect’ button under the cauldron.

How often can resources in the Compass be collected?

When you clear all the piles in the Compass, a timer will start on a small compass icon in the lower right corner of the screen. It shows how much time is left before the location is refreshed and piles reappeared. You can always skip this time by paying diamonds.


How do I unlock more cauldrons?

Additional cauldrons can be unlocked by paying diamonds.

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