The Volcano Path


How to move across the map?

If you look at the map you will see location icons connected to each other. When you click on an icon you will see 2 selection buttons - ‘Fly to location’ and ‘Instant travel’. Flying takes some time, but ‘Instant travel’ will require 1 Flight coin.

How do I return to Ghost Town?

The very first icon on the map is the icon of Ghost Town - click on it and you’ll return to Ghost Town.


What is the energy for?

Each action that you perform on a location, such as clearing garbage piles or killing mobs, will use energy. You can see a bar with your current amount of energy at the top of your game screen.

How do I restore the energy?

There are several ways to restore the energy: it replenishes itself over time - 1 energy point every 6 minutes, also you can restore it with special consumables which you can buy in the shop. The total energy limit increases as you progress through locations.

What can be purchased in the shop?

You can purchase energy restoring consumables (for 20, 30 and 200 energy points), Flight coins (5, 8 and 20 coins), and volcano dynamite (1, 3 and 5 pieces).


What portals are for?

While clearing garbage piles on locations you will be collecting Moon pearls. However, they won’t be stacking in your inventory straight away, first you will need to send the, to Ghost Town. All Moon pearls that you collect will be appearing near a portal.

How do I send resources to Ghost Town?

You will need to use a portal to send Moon pearls to Ghost Town. You will see a number above the portal - it shows the quantity of Moon pearls that can be sent through this portal. By clicking on the portal you send all collected pearls to Ghost Town. If you still have some pearls left but you cannot send any more through the portal, you can click on it and you will see a window with options: 1. Create a portal using energy - 10 energy points will be used and you will be able to send 100 pearls through it. 2. Create a portal using diamonds - you will have to pay some diamonds for creating this portal but you will be able to send more pearls through it.

What Moon Pearls are for?

Moon pearls can be used instead of items in the recipes in side quests, magic shop and the second season instead of asking your friends for them. But first you will need to send collected pearls to Ghost Town through a portal. After this you will be able to see the amount of available pearls in your inventory in the Materials tab.

What the Volcano dynamite is for?

Volcano dynamite can be used to destroy obstacles and opening special chests on locations. There are some nice rewards waiting for you in these chests!


From time to time a Carnival will start on certain locations, you will see a special quest icon on the left hand side of the screen. It can start on a location that is not yet available to you, but it starts every 2 days on random locations. By completing the special Carnival quest you will be collecting special items of each location. Try collecting those items on every location because later you will be able to exchange them for Collections.



By collecting unique items on each location you will be able to create Collection items. By creating a certain Collection item once again will upgrade it to the 2nd level and so on until the item reaches its limit of upgrade.

By receiving Collection items you can fill in blank spaces on the ‘Volcano Path’ map. Depending on the level of an item, the decoration will change its appearance of the map, you can choose the one you prefer.

Selling items

On the right hand side panel you will see a Moop Merchant who offers to buy location items and gives you some ‘Debts’ - the new currency. If you click on the Moop you will see a list of items and can choose which one you want to sell in exchange for ‘Debts’. Moop leaves and returns again after the timer runs out.

Buying items

In the Collections tab you will see an ‘Exchange’ button under each item, when you click on it you will see a list of friends who sold their items to the Moop. By selling an item you get on the list from which other people can buy your items. If you have enough ‘Debts’ you can buy a required item from a person selling it.


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