Heart of the Halloween

How to make the Big monster to move along the path?

To do this, you need to create sweet energy with the help of the Cook monster. At first, one sweet energy will move the Big monster one tile forward. But the bigger the Monster becomes, the more energy it will take to move it forward.

How to create sweet energy?

In order to create sweet energy you need to collect sweets from the bushes. The Monsters will help you with that.

Is all sweet energy the same? How much of it is required to move the Big monster 1 tile forward?

All the energy is the same. The bigger the monster grows the more sweet energy is required to move him.

How do I get monsters of other colors? I only have the white ones.

Other monsters will become available later as you progress through the quest. The further you advance, the more monsters you will receive. You can also purchase additional monsters for diamonds.

What’s the difference between the Monsters except their color?

The white monsters will collect 3 sweets from the nearest bushes, purple ones - from 3 to 6 sweets, the blue monsters will collect all the sweets from 1 bush, and the orange ones will collect 3 sweets from all the nearest bushes!

What can I do if the Monsters are tired but I need to collect sweets?

If the Monsters ran out of energy and cannot collect sweets anymore, there are several things you can do. You can wait until the timer expires, or feed the Monsters with cake or simply pay some diamonds to skip the time.

What are cakes used for?

There are 3 types of cake, which will restore the Monsters’ energy so they can collect the sweets.

A small cake helps monsters deal with light fatigue. A medium cake helps monsters deal with strong fatigue. And a huge cake will help monsters deal with very strong fatigue.

Where can I find cake for the Monsters?

You can purchase cake from the Cook monster.

There are three Monsters near the bushes but only one of them collects sweets, why? 

The Monsters should stand close to the bushes with sweets to collect them.

Is it worth saving sweet energy so that after completing one of side quests I can quickly move the Big Monster along the path?

Yes, you can save energy to do that.

How often do sweets grow and how many sweets appear on a bush? And what type? 

Once in two or three hours in each zone different kinds of sweets grow, on one or several bushes. Sweets grow on green bushes, lollipops grow on yellow bushes, and cakes grow on red bushes.

Do the sweets growing on the bush vary or are they always the same?

Yes, sweets are always changing.

How long does it take for bushes to get restored?

It will take around 2 hours for candies to grow on 1 bush.
It will take about 10 hours for the sweets to grow on all bushes.
But when you enter the quest location, not all of them grow at once, but gradually during a maximum of 5 minutes, especially when all the sweets were collected previously.

Where can I see how many sweets I have collected?

The amount of sweets collected you can see in the inventory. Also, the look of warehouse varies depending on how many sweets you have collected.

What carrots are for? And what is the difference between them?

Carrots will help to slow rabbits down, not allowing them to get to the warehouse with sweets. Different carrots have a different effect. A normal carrot a rabbit eats it in 1 hour, in 3 sets. A wooden carrot is eaten in 3 hours, in 5 sets. And a stone carrot a rabbit eats it in 2 hours, in 4 sets.

Where do I get carrots for rabbits?

You can purchase carrots from the Cook monster.

Why, if I have wooden carrots, rabbits still appear at the warehouse?

Rabbits move from left to right, if the carrots are on the left, they can not affect the movement of the rabbit.

What does the timer over a rabbit show?

This timer shows how much time it will take for a rabbit to move further or to eat a carrot.

Can I deal with rabbits without carrots? What will happen if I don't create any carrots?

Each time, when a rabbit gets to the warehouse he will eat all the sweets, you will need to collect sweets and create sweet energy, while there are no rabbits near the warehouse.

Why, with three carrots, does the rabbit still go further and eat my sweets and cakes?

Rabbit eats the carrots during a certain amount of time, but when the player leaves the game for 12 hours, and then returns, the rabbit gnaws through all three carrots and eats sweets and cakes.

Do I need to put carrots for a rabbit if a timer has appeared over it? I only have 1 hole with the rabbit in it, and 2 others are empty.

If you can put a carrot on the right side of the rabbit, then do it.

Is there any reference point of moving the Big monster at each stage?

Yes, there is - a wall of sweets.

What does “x2 Combo” and “x3 Combo” mean?

When two or three sweet energy recipes are created simultaneously, you receive additional sweet energy.

In order to move forward the Big monster has to grow and I need special candies, where do I find them?

The first candy can be found in the "Trick for treat" adventure that will come out on "10.30.2017".

The second one can be found in the "Wardrobe Secrets" adventure that will come out on "11.02.2017".

And the last one can be found in the "Ghost plant" adventure that will come out on "11.06.2017".

Also you can purchase all of those items from the sweet collector.

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