The New Home pet shelter

What should I do with the pets who come to the clinic?


Select an animal and send it for diagnosis. After Anna diagnoses the animal, a timer appears over it, waiting time can be skipped for diamonds. Then the animal will be treated and sent to the rest room. In the rest room, a timer will appear over the animal, which can also be skipped for diamonds. After this, the animal can be immediately given to the visitor, if the client does not require any particular skills from it, or the animal can be sent for training. Each pet can be taught skills of obedience or disobedience - depending on what the visitor requires. Each skill can be upgraded several times, the waiting time for training can be skipped for diamonds. After that, place the animal on the green square next to the visitor, if the pet suits him, he will give you several shelter tokens, as well as a medal of the shelter.


Why teach an animal obedience and disobedience?

Some customers will require pets with certain skills.

How to determine which skills to train in a pet?


Above each visitor there is an icon that shows which pet they need. Some need a pet with certain skills, and some will want an untrained animal.


What do the icons above the visitors mean?


An animal's icon above the visitor explains which animal and with what skills (or without skills) the particular visitor needs - for example, obedience or disobedience of a certain level.


How often do the visitors come?


Visitors come once an hour. There is a timer near the doors that shows how soon the visitors will come again. Waiting time can be skipped for diamonds.


How often do the new animals come?


New animals appear once per hour.


How to unlock additional tables for diagnostics?


Additional tables can be unlocked for diamonds.

Can I see before the start of the diagnosis how long it will take?

No, you can not.

What happens if I choose to send an animal to another shelter? In what cases it can or should be chosen?

If you send an animal to another shelter, it removes it from the waiting room. This option can be used to make room in the waiting room for other animals.


Where do I get Shelter tokens - the currency for training?


The shelter tokens are given to you by visitors when you give them suitable pets. You can also purchase them from the Doctor with diamonds.


What determines the number of shelter tokens received from the visitor?


The higher the customer's requirements, the more tokens you get.


What are the medals of the shelter for?


Medals of the shelter will be needed for progressing through the quest - you will be able to unlock new portraits on the wall of glory. If you click on the unopened portrait on the wall of glory, you can see how many coins you need to open the next one.


Where do I get the medals of the shelter from?

A client gives you the medal of the shelter when you give him a pet. The higher the customer's requirements, the more medals you will receive.


If the pet is waiting for training, it can’t go anywhere?


No, the pet can only be given to a customer.

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