Ghost Town Santa

What do I have to do?


Anna’s mission is to restore the presents factory by installing conveyors. You will need some items to do that. Click on the icon above the uninstalled conveyor to see which items you will need for the installation.


Where do I find items for installing conveyors?


You can get conveyor parts in the magic tunnels by placing orders - the Technical Specialist elf will help you with that. Orders are created from certain elements - click on one of the icons above the table near the Technical Spacialist to see which elements you will need to create items.

Bare in mind that the orders expire after a period of time - hover the cursor over the clock icon above the table to see for how long each of the orders will be active. After the timer runs out the order disappeares. After the order expires, the Technical Specialist will create new orders for you. You will need certain items to create orders, and the Guardian of Traditions will be able to help you get them.


How do I get elements?


You can get Light from a ray of bright light. Frost can be collected from a strong blizzard.

You need to place a magic trap right next to a sunbeam or a blizzard and then activate it by clicking the hand icon.

A timer will appear above the trap which will show you when you will be able to collect the element. You can skip the time by paying diamonds.

Be advised, that gremlins will be spawning near your traps and stealing your elements. Collect elements as soon as possible before gremlins appear.

Where do I find traps?


Ice and Fire Catcher elf can create traps for you. He will need Christmas Magic to create traps.


How I get Christmas Magic?


Christmas Magic can be collected in the Guardian of Traditions elf’s room with the help of a special device.

After you have collected Christmas Magic from the device it will start charging and a timer will appear above it, which shows how soon you will be able to collect Christmas Magic again.

Magic is accumulated over time - the device can be charged up to 10 times.

How often do blizzards and rays of light appear?

Strong blizzard and rays of bright light appear randomly every 2 hours (from 2 to 6 of each item), you can’t know beforehand which one will appear.

How to find out when the order will expire?

Hover the cursor over the clock icon above the order to see how soon it will expire.

When I place a trap near the ray of light some yellow cirlces drop, what are those?

It shows how many rays are collected in the trap box.

Don't place Light and Frost in one trap box - otherwise you won't be able to collect them.

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