Ghost Town Santa. Part 2

What do I have to do?


Anna needs to fulfill the secret desires of her friends. A magic crystal will help her - it will show what each of her friends wants to get. First select a ghost (one or several) - an exclamation mark will appear above it, then click on the crystal and an icon will appear above the ghost statue, when you click on, you can see which presents you need to create. Hover the cursor over the present and you will see how it can be made: a type of material and a sequence of actions.
When you create a present, it does not appear in your inventory. Instead, an icon appears on the monster in front of the statue, which you can click on. After clicking on the monster, a check mark appears. Every present adds a check mark on a monster. By filling in all the checkboxes, you kill the monster, and Anna has the opportunity to go to the statue and click on it - for this you get 1 essence of friendship. A new present recipe above the statue appears when the timer expires on the crystal.
If you did not manage to create a present specified in the recipe above the statue before the timer expires, then one check mark on the monster is removed.


How to create presents?


Presents for Anna's friends can be created in conveyors at the factory. Each present must be created in accordance with the instructions (hover the cursor over the present to see the sequence of actions to create it), for example: the garland is made of solid material, then decorated, then assembled. Click on the control panel. Select one or several conveyors. Then click on the control panel again and load the material into it, then on each of the conveyors select what you need to do with it - either decorate or assemble.

Where to get materials for creating presents?


Technical Specialist can create solid and soft material for the production of presents.

Why did conveyor stop working?


If you create presents too often, the conveyors will need time to recover - a timer will appear above the control panel, which shows for how long conveyors need to rest. You can skip the time on the timer by paying diamonds.

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