Ghost Town Santa. Part 3

What do I have to do?


In the last part of the adventure, Anna needs to create gifts and deliver them on a sled.


How to deliver gifts?


To deliver gifts, Anna needs a sled, which needs to be filled with energy, and the gifts themselves. Gifts can be created in the conveyors the same way as you did in the previous part of the 'Ghost Town Santa' adventure. The sled uses joyful energy to take off, which you can collect from flowers - they appear every 30 min, and also you can purchase the energy with diamonds. 

When you fill the sled with energy, you will be taken on a map where you will see how much energy is need to move across it. Click on movement icons to move the sled. The more gifts you create on the factory, the more energy the sled will need to move.

Please note that after the delivery is completed, the energy left in the sleigh will disappear! That is, if you return to the factory, then all the unused energy will be lost!  


How do I get Essence of Christmas?


You will be getting the Essense when you deliver the gifts. Click on the red bag and the merchant icons to see which gifts need to be delivered.  You can give gifts to ghosts, but only once per flight. You can give gifts to merchants, but you’ll get far fewer essences of Christmas.


How can Anna's friends help her?


If you have saved Anna's friends in the previous part of the 'Ghost Town Santa' adventure, they will be able to help her: Mario will speed up frost traps collection, Jane will speed up light traps collection, Alex will banish gremlins, Andrew will create snowflakes and fireworks and Ricardo will create holiday essences.


How to unlock other towns on the map?


The map will become available as you progress through the adventure. Deliver gifts and new towns will be unlocked.


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