What do I need friends for?

Friends can send each other items and resources (standard and collectible ones).
1. To ask your friend for help, send him/her a standard request, when you need any item or resource to perform an action. If your friend has the item or resource you are asking for, he/she can send it to you.
2. To send a gift to your friend, open the Gifts section, select the gift and the friend to send it to.

You can also send items to your friends for money (silver, gold).

You can visit your friend's premises and help him/her harvest crops, collect products, coins, etc. Thus, you speed up his/her progress by 50%.
You get 1 XP point and 50 silver coins per each friend you helped on 5 objects.

When friends help you on objects, where harvest is not ripened or products are not ready yet, they speed up the progress on this object by 50%.

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