Gift limits

When you need an item you may ask your friends for help. Click ASK to open a friend request window.


You may send requests to your friends every 2 hours. There are the request limits: you can receive only 3 requests per two hours.


During a day you can send 3 requests the first time and then 1 request every 2 hours.


Additionally, you can gift (clicking on the portrait) and give (answering a friend request) 35 times per day. You are limited to 3 times for each friend. When you send an iten to your friend this item does not dissappear out from your inventory.

If your friends have reached their limit, then when you send a request, they will not see it. Also, if you have reached your limit, you will not see the request from the other players (even though it shows on your home page you are receiving them).

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