One of the most fun things to do in Ghost Town is decorate it. You can use decorations and design elements to make your town a perfect home for you and the townspeople. Decorations can be purchased at the store for diamonds and coins. The store can be found in the lower right corner of the screen.

But... Not all decorations are available in the store. Most of them can be obtained as rewards for completing side quests, but the rarest are earned as rewards for entering contests in the game’s official group on your social network. Decorations can be placed either in the town or in Anna’s house. Keep in mind that home decorations and town decorations are stored in different tabs of your inventory.

Some decorations can be given as gifts. You can send them to your friends by pressing the “Send a gift” button. If this button is not next to a decoration, that means the decoration is, unfortunately, not giftable.


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