Adventure Log

The Adventure Log shows all of the quests in the game, as well as the rewards for completing them and their time limits.




You can open the Adventure Log by clicking the Books icon in the top left corner of the game screen.




Or by clicking the green cross button which is located right under the Books icon.




If a decoration is among the rewards for a quest, you can have a better look at it by clicking the magnifying glass icon near it.




There will be a “New!” icon on the quests that you haven’t yet completed.


If you want to see quests that you have already completed and can complete them again, simply tick a box in the left bottom corner which says “Show quests for recompletion”.


There can only be 2 active side quests for completion at the same time. You can look which 2 quests are active at the moment by clicking the small arrow near the icon of the active quest.




Other active quest icons are located below.

In the bottom right corner of the Adventure log you can see a book icon, when you hover a cursor over it, the book opens. When you click on it, you will see a tab which is called “Your quests” with 2 sections: “Main story” and “Other adventures”. Here you can see all the quests you have completed or failed to complete.

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