How come some of my friends won’t respond to my requests?

The developers have checked multiple times to make sure the request and gift systems work. They work just fine. If you are logged into the game and notice that a friend has sent you a gift/item, go to the settings menu on the right side of the game window and click on “save.” This will update your game, and all the items you have sent will be shown.

If you notice that a friend has sent you something, but the item has not appeared in your game (or vice versa), this means the request exceeded the game’s limits:

1. You can only get five of any item you request.
2. Each neighbor can only help you up to ten times per day.
3. Each player can only respond to neighbors’ requests up to 100 times per day.
4. Requests last 12 hours, i.e. if your friend doesn’t respond to your request within that time frame it will expire.
5. You can only ask for the same item once every four hours.
6. You can only place first requests for four different types of items after the daily reset. Limits are reset every day at 9:00 pm GMT.

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