To make progress in the game, you need to complete quests. They are shown on the left side of the screen. Next to each quest are two buttons: a magnifying glass and a question mark. These are hints. Click on the question mark to get an expanded description and instructions for completing the quest. Click on the magnifying glass to make arrows appear that will point to the exact place on the map you need to go to to complete the quest.


There are three types of quests in Ghost Tales:

First of all, there is the main storyline. Storyline quests do not have time limits. You cannot fail them or complete them incorrectly. You can come back to them at any time.

Second, there are side quests. You need to keep track of the time limits for these quests. You usually get a valuable reward for completing these quests successfully. Side quests are given out during specific phases in the main storyline.

Third, there are quests dedicated to holiday events such as the Christmas quest, Valentine’s Day adventure, etc. There is also a time limit for completing these quests. These quests are one-shot deals. You can only start them at certain times, and you can’t put them off. These quests are not repeated.


Side Quests

As you travel through the town map, you will receive timed quests. These quests have no effect on the storyline. These are adventures Anna can have in order to take a break from her primary mission — saving Ghost Town. You earn rewards for completing these quests successfully. These rewards can include diamonds, experience points, or special decorations that are not available at the store.Such quests can be started

Such quests can be started using a big green button, which opens Adventure Log with the list of all side quests available. A name, rewards and time for each quest: all these can be found in the window.


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