Game Saves and Lost Progress I completed a quest yesterday, but today it started all over again. Why?

To make sure you don’t lose your progress in the game, save using the manual save button (the one that looks like a diskette).
You can lose your progress if you do the following things:
1. Not completing the manual save process.
2. Resuming the game using a different computer/browser.
3. Suddenly restarting the game can lead to a progress rollback.
4. Your Flash Player is not working correctly. You may have to update or reinstall it. We also recommend checking your Flash Player’s settings, since the function to save information on your computer might be disabled.
5. One of your browser’s plugins could be interfering with the game’s ability to run correctly. Check your browser for unnecessary plugins, or try to update or change your browser. In addition to plugins, various viruses can interfere with your browser or the game itself. You may want to check your computer for viruses, then check your Flash Player’s settings.
Unfortunately, lost progress cannot be restored, and lost resources cannot be returned, so be cognizant of these things while playing the game.

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