Season Two. Questions and Answers

Season 2.
A long-awaited continuation of main story will have the “Second season” title. On the 2nd season you will face new adventures, characters, opportunities, mysteries and many-many other interesting things.

Lumio house.
The old house, gained by Anna from her Grandpa. This house has many unsolved secrets and mysteries and it works as a transporter to the alternative Ghost Town. But to make these voyages Lumio needs magical Embers.

Ember is a “food” for Lumio. With them he is able to send us to another dimension. For each action in this dimension we pay one Ember. Where we explore the house and move forward on the story, number of Embers which can be taken to another dimension increases.

For each action in the parallel dimension we gain Star Energy, which can be transformed into the Stars. We can earn 3 Stars max. for each story on Season 2. We can always replay each story if we want to earn more stars for it. Total number of Stars unlocks a unique decorations in the Star Shop.

We can enter the house of our friend Lumio and set up a butterfly on the special furniture, which has special slots for it. After some time butterflies will come back with the Embers.
When we move forward by the main story, max. number of Butterflies which can be sent to our friends increases.


When does Season 2 actually start?
It starts after the “Experiment, part two” quest.

When will we be able to put the Butterflies on my friend’s furniture?
You and your friend have to complete the quest named “Threat from Sleep”.

How do i get to the Lumio’s house of my Neighbor?
Just visit your friend as always and choose the location you need at the top of the screen.

What the furniture upgrade does?
Upgraded furniture can accommodate more Ember, so you can accumulate it faster. On the upgraded furniture your friends have more slots for their butterflies.

How do i know that butterfly has come back with the Ember?
When the butterfly comes back, the indicator on the top of the game screen will start flickering. Click on it to get your Embers, after this you will be able to send them again.
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