Easter Gardens

What do I have to do?

In this adventure Anna needs to help Fawn restore her garden. To do this, Anna has to use a certain amount of easter eggs to get rid of the red fog. Also, during the restoration process Anna will receive rewards such as diamonds and decorations. When you finish the adventure you will get a new Fawna’s Park location.

What kind of easter eggs do I need?

There are 21 different eggs.
Eggs are divided into 3 different types: simple, average and luxury. And 7 different colors: red, yellow, blue, orange, green, purple and brown.

Where can I get simple red, yellow and blue eggs?

You can get them from tunnels using special baskets. Eggs reappear in tunnels every four hours. The further you progress the more tunnels you will find. If you click on tunnel with egg, it will tell how many eggs are in there. Some tunnels are blocked with branches, you can clear them using carrot-currency. If you click on empty tunnel, you will be able to summon new eggs using carrot-currency (1)

Where can I get baskets?

Special bunny can make baskets for you using flexible branches. There are 3 types of baskets: small, medium and large. Small basket lures in from 1 to 3 eggs from nearby tunnels after being activated. Medium basket lures in all eggs from 1 nearby tunnel after being activated. Large basket lures in 3 eggs from EACH nearby tunnel after being activated. Luring takes time, you can skip the wait using diamonds.(2)

Where can I get flexible branches?

You can find flexible branches in trash piles on location. Also, you can get them from friends as a gift, or you can use small bunny to recraft wood into flexible branches. You can call additional small bunnies using carrot-currency. Also, using carrot-currency you can collect all piles with branches on location. (3)

Where can I get carrot-currency?

You can buy it from the head bunny using diamonds.

Where can I get simple orange, green, purple and brown eggs?

You can craft them in the mixing machine from other eggs. Head bunny will lend you a mixing machine. You can only borrow 3 machines. If you want to borrow more, you have to pay carrot-currency. After you collect an egg from mixing machine the head bunny will take it back for cleaning and you will be able to borrow another one (4)

Where can I get average and luxury eggs?

You need to make a line from simple eggs on the tetris board to get average eggs. And you need to make line from average eggs on the tetris board to get luxury eggs. After making the line you have to merge it. In result you will receive three eggs of specific color. Resulting color is the same as the majority color in merged line. (5)

How do I make a line on tetris?

First you need to click on painter bunny near the tetris field and give him eggs of desired color. After that painter bunny will make random figure of the chosen color. You can store up to 4 figures near each tetris field. You can delete, rotate or repaint any figure using carrot-currency. Then you can select any figure and move it onto the closest tetris field. If placed correctly (without intersections) the figure will turn into number of eggs of the respecting color. Using figures you need to form horizontal line from eggs. Sometimes red fog will appear on tetris fields. You can ignore it, or you can remove it if it prevents you from making the line. Also you can ask painter bunny to remove all eggs from the field using brown eggs. (6)

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