Benganmen Treasure

What do I have to do?

Anna has to find a treasure of Benganmen. She will travel around an island collecting items and Lore. You will need complicated items to obtain some Lore, which you can get by combining simple materials in the alchemy Cauldron. Using Lore Anna will be decripting stone tablets and moving deeper into the island to her goal. 

Where to find materials?

Materials can be extracted from many different objects on the island, but for the extraction of any materials, Anna will need rations.

Where to get rations?

Anna can get rations once a day (a day on the island lasts 8 hours, but you can always skip the time by paying diamonds). You need to go inside the tent and collect rations from the magic box. When the day is finished any unused rations disappear so you don't need to save it for future use. 

What to do when I run out of rations?

Anna can start a new day by paying diamonds or buy rations in the magic box in the tent.

Why many objects are inactive?

In order for an object to become active and to collect materials from it, Anna has to come close and stand right beside it.

Why can't I extract materials from certain objects?

Some items and tools may be required for the extraction of certain materials. To enable Anna to use a certain object or instrument, she must go into the tent and move the corresponding object (instrument or table with the object) into the backpack area.

How to obtain complicated materials?

Some complex materials can be found on the island, but in most cases, Anna will have to study the recipe for creating a complicated material using the alchemy Cauldeon. If you put the correct set of materials in the Cauldron, Anna will receive a table with a new object. The recipe for creating this item appears on the table.

I have received an item but can see only question marks in a recipe on a table, why?

To unlock a recipe, you need to mix the correct items in the alchemy Cauldron.

How to put correct items into the Cauldron?

If Anna has the required materials, she will be able to unlock a correct recipe in the Cauldron for some diamonds.

Can I get all possible materials from the Cauldron?

No, some materials can not be obtained in the Cauldron, they can be found only by traveling around the island. In particular, the simplest materials - sea water, sand, earth, reed and mushrooms - can only be found.

What can Lore be spend on?

Lore can be spend on decrypting ancient stone tablets or purchasing decorations from Moop tradesmen.

Why are not all decorations are available for me?

New decorations will become avaiable as you progress through the quest.

How to get Pure Energy?

You can buy Pure Energy from Anna's mother for some diamonds. Pure Energy can be exchanged for rations when Anna runs out of energy, and can also be used to teleport Anna to the tent or make her walk faster for a day.

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