Reluctant Rescuer

What do I have to do?

This time Anna will need to rescue sick animals again.


What should I do with the pets who come to the shelter?


Select an animal and diagnose its sickness. Robert can do it but his diagnosis might not be correct, Anna can make a correct diagnosis but some money will be spent.
After you make a diagnosis you should send an animal for treatment. Click on the animal and choose ‘Send for treatment’ option and then click on a tile beside one of the examination tables which is suitable for this kind of treatment. There are 4 types of tables - for for dirt and trash removal, for wound treatment, for disease treatment and for surgeries. If you forgot what the animal suffers from you can click on it to see its file.

After this you need to prepare the table for the procedure by clicking on it several times, and the treatment will start automatically - a timer will appear above the animal which shows how much time is left until the treatment is over. You can skip the time by paying some diamonds. Bear in mind that animals may have several issues so you will need to treat them several times.
Then the animal should be send for rest in a special room. Click on the animal and choose ‘Send to rest’, then click on a free spot in the sleep room. A timer will appear above the animal, which you can skip by paying some diamonds.
After the animal had a rest an icon will appear above it showing which place will it be more suitable for and it’s current skill level. Each animal can be trained in one of the three skills, you can do it by placing it in the training room. You can improve its skills slowly or increase several skill levels at once.
Then place an animal on a green tile beside a visitor, and if this animal meets visitor’s needs, you will receive charity money and a Medal for rescue.


What should I train animals for?

Some visitors will require animals with certain skills.

How to determine which skills to train in an animal?

Above each visitor there is an icon that shows which animal they need. Some need an animal with certain skills, and some will want an untrained animal.

What do the icons above the visitors mean?

Above each visitor there is an icon that shows which pet they need. Some need a pet with certain skills, and some will want an untrained animal.


How often do the visitors and new animals come?

Visitors and new animals appear once in 4 hours. There is a timer near the doors that shows how soon the visitors and new animals will appear.

How to unlock additional tables?

Additional tables can be unlocked for diamonds and seals of trust .


How to unlock additional room for rest?

Additional rooms can be unlocked for Seals of trust.


How to unlock additional waiting rooms for sick animals?

Additional rooms can be unlocked for Seals of trust.


What happens if I choose to ‘Transfer the animal to another center’? In what cases it can or should be chosen?


If you send an animal to another shelter, it removes it from the waiting room. This option can be used to make room in the waiting room for other animals.


What to do with an animal after it gets treated?

When an animal fully recovered it can be prepared for life in the wild, life in a nature reserve or for life in a zoo.


How to get Medals for rescue?


You will get Medals for rescue after giving animals to visitors.

What determines the number of Medals for rescue received from a visitor?

The higher the visitor's requirements, the more Medals you get.

What are the ‘Medals for rescue’ for?

They are required to complete tasks and progressing through the adventure.

Where to get Seals of trust?

You will be occasionally getting Seals of trust when you treat an animal fully, also you can find them in a seashell chest located near the shelter, or purchase them with diamonds.

How to get charity money?

You will be receiving charity money from visitors, also Robert can exchange Seal of trust for charity money.


How to get high-tech elements?

You can get high-tech elements in adventures that will be released on 06.21, 06.25 and 06.28.28 or purchase them with diamonds.

Why some animals can be places near each other in the resting room and others can't be? 

Animals can only rest near sleeping animals and only near the animals of the same species.

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