The Town's energy

What do I have to do?


Anna needs to fix power lines to save Marine Town. To do this, Anna needs to collect air bubbles from air corals and descend into the deposits and collect energy stones which are used to craft conductors and fix power lines.


Gather air bubbles to be able to descend in search of energy stones, and click on one of the deposit entrances. Your backpack with tools will be refilled before each descend. After the descend, your Sniffer will show you which type of energy stones can be found in the current deposit. You can either stay or go into a different cave if you don’t need the stones contained in the current cave. If you decide to stay, you need to light up your luminescent lamp, which will lit the cave for a certain period of time. After the time runs out you can extend the burning time of the lamp for diamonds. Also, you can initially choose to light up the lamp for an extended period of time by paying some diamonds.


How to get energy stones?


After descending you will see a deposit of energy stones which are hidden under stalagmites. You need to remove stalagmites to get the stones. When you remove a stalagmite a number (or multiple numbers) appears on a tile - those numbers indicate which stones and in what quantity are located on the adjacent tiles. But stalagmites with white crystals are guaranteed to contain energy stones. In order to break a stalagmite and extract stones you will need tools - there will be 3 types of pickaxe in your backpack. A simple pickaxe is great to break the stalagmites and extract stones in small deposits.The average pickaxe is best for collecting stones in medium-sized deposits. And with the best pickaxe, you can develop any deposit. You can buy additional pickaxes with diamonds if you have run out of tools.

How to collect air bubbles?


You get air bubbles when you click on one of the air corals. Bubbles will be accumulating over time but you can improve a coral so it will be producing more air bubbles.


How to create conductors?


Conductors can be crafted by the master technician. There are several types of conductors: uno, duo, trio and quatro-conductors - you will need a different amount of energy stones to craft them. After you’ve created a required type of a conductor, click on an icon above the power line and fix it. But bear in mind that the power lines you've fixed will break down from overloading, if you don't restore them before the shut-off - you will see a timer that will count down the time before the overload, so try to fix the power line before the time runs out.


Sniffer fish


Your sniffer fish will be helping you find energy stones. You can train it by paying some diamonds and the sniffer will be able to find deposits with a bigger amount of stones and show you more info about the quantity and the color of stones in the deposit.




A generous reward awaits Anna for helping out the inhabitants of Marine Town. If she agrees to help, she will get a new location to place her decorations on, and the further she can advance in the adventure, the more and more beautiful final reward will be. Also Anna will receive a new beautiful outfit for her wardrobe, and, of course, brand-new pretty decorations.

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