Valentine's enemy

What do I have to do?

In this adventure Anna needs to restore the Park of Love by filling it with emotions. They are created from hearts, and you have to start from the Statue of the Lady of Care. Click on the icons of crafting to see a heart of which color you need at the moment to restore the park.

How to get stones for creating hearts?

Heart stones are produced by the source, but also they can be purchased from the Cupid. After you’ve collected the stones, the source will need some time to restore. Initially, the source brings an average of 10 stones and accumulates them during half an hour. You can upgrade the source so it brings more stones by paying some currency accepted by cupids. You can also unlock additional sources with this Currency.

Where to get fragments to create hearts?

Using heart stones you can create either random fragments or specific fragments of a heart in the red portal.


What to do with the fragments?

After you have got a fragment you need to change its color. Move the gray fragment of heart to the altar to change its color. Click on the altar and choose the option “Use magic” and then choose the color you need. After doing this click on the fragment and choose the “Color” icon. Coloring will take some time but you can skip the time by paying diamonds.

After you have picked a specific color at the altar, a timer will appear above it which indicates a period of time during which this specific color will be active at this altar, however you can skip the time by paying some diamonds if you need to change the color quickly.

You have to collect all 4 pieces of a heart to create a whole heart. If can consist of just one color or from fragments of different colors, depending on which heart is required for Park restoration.

When you gather 4 fragments, place them on the squares near the Cupid, click on any fragment and click on the heart icon to assemble the whole heart.

Please note that at this point there should not be any extra pieces nearby, otherwise the heart will not be created.

How to color more fragments simultaneously?

If you want to place more fragments near the altar at the same time you need to clear the area by removing bushes with a special “Plant exterminator” which you can purchase from the Cupid. To remove yellow bushes you will need 4 units of “Plant exterminator”, to remove blue bushes - 4 units, and for pink bushes you will need 6 units of the exterminator.   

What should I do at the crossroads?

You just follow the main path, however if you follow the side path you can find some diamonds and other goodies.

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