I'm stuck on a level! How can I finally beat it?

Some levels are really hard to beat, though none are absolutely impossible! Don't give up, and be careful when formulating your strategy. Here are some general tips for you:
- Check the goals before levels start and try to match the pieces you need first in order to complete levels faster.
- Look over the game field before you start and plan out your first moves in advance rather than making random matches.
- Don't follow the clues suggested by the game all the time, as they are not always your best option. Only use them when you don't see any other possible matches.
- Try to make matches at the bottom of the field, since falling pieces increase your chances of getting automatic matches.
- Try to make bigger matches so you can get stronger power-ups!
- Combine power-ups, since that will give you a more powerful way to remove pieces and damage obstacles!

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