Dating Club

What do I have to do?

In this adventure you have to live thirty game days for one of the three heroines: Sylvia, Mary or Eva. And your main goal during this time is to reach the maximum relationship level with one of 3 characters: Ridley, Aaron or Lestat.


Characters and their skills.

Each of the heroines has a distinctive character and specific skills at the beginning: Beauty, Intellect and Charisma. You can improve each of those skills, there are 6 levels for each skill. However, note that when you increase one skill, the other skill will decrease slightly.


What can I do in my room?

In your character’s room you can change the interior by paying some Love Coins. If you install a bookcase, you will be able to upgrade your Intellect skill, a mirror will help you to improve your Beauty skill and a Microphone will increase your Charisma level. Each item can be upgraded three times and upgraded items will improve your skills quicker.

Also you can upgrade your bed, at first sleeping will restore 60 energy points but an upgraded bed will restore more energy each new day.



To perform various tasks you will need energy. Energy is restored when you go to bed and start a new day. Also you can purchase Love Energy Drinks in the drinks machine but you can buy only 1 can of the energy drink per day. You can also purchase Energy for diamonds by clicking the ‘Buy’ button in the right hand side menu.


What to do during the day?

Each day you can perform various tasks: you can work, improve your skills or increase your relationship level with the characters. To end the day and start a new one you should go to sleep on your bed.



Each day you can do some work. In your room you can use a table to do work - it doesn’t require any specific skills. However, there are 3 types of work which require certain skills to perform - Beauty, Intellect or Charisma. Increase your skills to be able to perform work. You will be getting Love Coins for your work. The more difficult the work is, the more Coins you will get. Also you can purchase Coins for diamonds by clicking the ‘Buy’ button in the right hand side menu.


On the right hand side menu you can see the window with your relationship level with one of the male characters. You need to fill the hearts scale to increase the relationship level. Choosing correct answers in dialogues will be bringing your hearts which fill up the relationship scale with a specific character. Each male character prefers girls with specific qualities (Beauty, Intellect, Charisma) - increase those qualities to improve the relationship with a character.



Giving gifts will help you improve your relationship with characters. But you need to reach a certain point in your relationship and a certain amount of skill points before you can give a gift - when you reach a specific amount of relationship points you will see a notification informing you that from now on you can give gifts. The higher your relationship level the more expensive gifts you can give. Gifts are created in the Gift shop which you can find in the dining room. Each character needs a specific gift. Potion of Generosity which you can buy in the drinks machine will allow you to give two gifts each day. Also you can buy Potion of Luck which hides wrong conversation options for one in-game day.


Mysterious chests.

Mysterious chests appear three times per day somewhere on the second floor, and they contain mysterious rewards - Love Coins, Energy Drinks and other resources.



You will be getting various decorations as rewards for completing the adventure. In the waiting room you can see some of the decorations you can receive and the description of what you have to do to get it.



Every 4 hours a Courier will be coming and bringing some resources and small decorations. However, after receiving a parcel you need to pay him so he can leave and come back again, otherwise he will stay in the castle. On the second floor you can create Reception tables so more Couriers could come.


How to complete the quest?

When you start the ‘Dating Club” adventure, a quest icon will appear for 28 days.Afterwards, when you choose one of 3 female characters to play as, a 9 day quest icon will appears and you have to complete it as the chosen character. After completing the 9 day quest you can choose a different character and complete it again. To complete the 28 day quest you need to finish 9 day quests in this order: 3 True endings and 1 Good ending.


How to get the keys and what are the True and Good endings?

Maxing out your relationship level with a character means you'll end up with a Happy Ending, but not necessarily a True one. You need to create a historically correct couple to get a True Ending. Follow the Castle's history to guess which couples are historically correct. Please note that a Happy Ending is not equal to a True Ending. Unlocking each of the True Endings will yield you a key. But in order to obtain the Elder Vampire's key, you've got to unlock all three True Endings and then any Happy Ending after that!

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