Chat rules

By downloading and launching the game you agree with our terms and chat rules.


About moderation


Moderators keep order in the chat. Moderators are chosen from all the players by admin decision. Their main goal is to monitor compliance with the chat rules as far as possible. It means moderator is not obliged to be in chat at the certain time or continuously. Helping players is a personal initiative of the moderator. The moderator has the right to refuse to help the player without explanation. With a large number of questions, please be prepared that your question may be answered with a delay. Moderators can pass your problem or proposal to the administration of the project but they are not obliged to. To report in-game errors or problems with payments, you should contact Support via the "Report a bug" button (for the social version of the game) or by pressing "?" button (for the mobile version of the game). For suggestions and other questions please write to the official pages og the project in social networks.


The main punishment for violations of the chat rules - ban of the chat (blocking the possibility of communication in chat). Moderators choose the duration of the ban at their discretion, depending on the pecularity of each case. The issued punishments are not subject to removal and discussion.


Main penalties


  • Warning - Moderator has the right to give a warning for violation of chat rules or not at his discretion.
  • Short bans (15 mins, 1 hour). It is prescribed for the common violations or for the first serious violation of the chat rules. In case of repeated violations it is possible both to re-ban for the same period or to increase time of the ban at the discretion of the moderator.
  • Long bans (24 hours, 7 days, 14 days, 30 days). It is prescribed in case of serious or/and numerous chat rules violations.
  • Permanent ban (5000 days). It is prescribed for the most serious or/and  numerous chat rules violations. In addition in some cases with multiple serious violations of the chat rules, the player's account can be completely blocked.


In addition to these ones, the administration of the game may give bans of any duration without warnings and explanations.


Ban reasons


Common violations


  • Flood - the repetition of one or more similar phrases (and also emoticons), more than 1 message every 3 minutes. Cluttering up the chat in any form, namely-sending meaningless and incoherent messages to the chat, begging, independent use of stylized graphic images (codes), which are not in the chat smileys.
  • Flame - messaging, which is a verbal war, often been unrelated to the original cause of the dispute.
  • Spam - advertisements in chat. Also, the clan agitations more than 1 message every 10 minutes.
  • Caps - message using capital letters in more than 50% of the message and also writing in ThiS wAy, and in similar ways attracting too much attention.
  • Provocation - behavior, forcing other players to violate the rules of communication (flame including).


Serious violations


  • Offense - insulting other players without the use of swear words, provocation of other players, unfounded public accusation, use of abusive words derived from the character names, clan names, etc, misinformation, fraud, defamation.
  • Profanity - use of profanity, sexual harassment, discussion and advertising of drugs and alcoholic beverages. Using veiled expressions if they have a double meaning and can be regarded as vulgar or obscene (Abbreviations, replacement of letters in words with dots, spaces and other special characters (*, #, $, and similar), including in foreign languages.
  • Discussion of politics - communication about politics, political system, the actions of politicians, the policies of States or any entities, the threat of violence in real life.
  • The discussion of religion - discussion of religion, the criticism and the imposition of religious belief, insulting the religious values.
  • Racism - racist statements and attempts to incite ethnic strife. Nationalist statements and calls.
  • Public discussion of moderation - discussion and criticism of the moderators. Open elucidation and discussion of the reasons for the ban. Personal criticism of the moderators.
  • Intentional interference in the work of moderators - multiple appeal to the moderators on issues not related to the gameplay, multiple repetition of questions, trolling.
  • Misinformation - giving to other players or to the administration false information about the game, the gameplay, and any remarks in chat on behalf of the administration.
  • Distribution of malicious links - any links that are not related to this project, except for links to screenshots of the gameplay and links to user profiles to add friends on social networks.
  • Discussion and advertising of third-party projects - discussion of other games, discussion and comparison of gameplay, advertising and promotion.
  • Destructive - negative and destructive statements about the game. Public statement about leaving the game. Statements that can lead to negative consequences for the gameplay. Criticism of the administration of the game.


The most serious violations

  • Insulting moderators/administrators - insulting, unfounded public accusation, slander, provocation, use of abusive words derived from the character names, clan names, etc. of the moderators, testers, and representatives of the administration. Punishment from week of chat blocking and above.
  • Purchase, sale and transfer of the accounts - 5000 days (discussion of the sale of accounts, requests for the purchase of accounts, as well as ads for the sale and transfer of accounts to other players.)


Ban is also giving because of player’s nickname that violate the above rules.  If player use alts (secondary accounts) to violate rules, the same ban is giving to all alts of this player.
All of the above rules are applicable to the Local game chats. In the clanchat form of the communication is negotiable. Private messages are not moderated. You can ignore messages of a certain user in the chat until the end of the game session if you wish, for this you have to click “ignore” button.


In exceptional cases, with a large number of complaints about the inappropriate behavior of a particular player in personal messages with evidence of violations (screenshots), the player can be penalized by a warning or by bans with different durations up to the full account block, depending on the decision of the moderators or the administration of the project.

Please respect other players and good luck in Sky Empire: Conquerors!

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