Pressing vacation

What should I do?


In this challenge Anna will have to assume the role of a Farm Manager. Every day she will need to send people to different jobs (there are 6 types of jobs). To do this, you need to select a specific type of job in the special field, click on it to confirm the selection and then select one or more inhabitants to send them to work. The job will take some time and you will see a timer that shows how much time is left to complete it. However, time can be skipped for diamonds.


Inhabitants need to perform certain tasks every day. To check the tasks, click on the icon that appears near a special field. After completing all the tasks, Anna must spend morning, day and evening and then go to sleep to start a new day.


I have finished all tasks from inhabitants, what should I do next?

Each day is divided into three periods - morning, afternoon and evening. The periods follow one another. The morning and afternoon periods last 4 h 30 min. The evening period lasts 3 hours and it can be skipped for diamonds. After evening the night comes and all the people, including Anna, complete their activities and go to sleep. By clicking on the sunflowers Anna can start a new day and then residents will have new tasks.


Morning has come, but all inhabitants are sitting at home. Why?


To send inhabitants to do their tasks, you must wake them up first. Anna has to ring the bell.


I haven't finished all tasks, but inhabitants are sitting at home and I can't send them to work. Why?


After completing a number of tasks, inhabitants get tired and go home. To allow them rest a while, you need to finish the current day and start the next one.

I do not have enough positive emotions for the decoration. What should I do?


To improve the mood of the inhabitants, finish the tasks every day. The icon next to the special field will indicate the level of mood. Depending on the mood of inhabitants at the end of the day Anna will receive an additional award. The better the mood of the residents, the more positive emotions will be rewarded.


How to get a wedding dress? Why isn't it in the recipes?


New recipes are revealed one by one - spend more days on the farm.

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