Incredible luck

What do I have to do?


In this adventure Anna needs to help her friends return their items that got into Leprechaun’s bag. To do this, Anna has to put a certain amount of gems or bunches of gems in Leprechaun’s bag to retrieve her friends’ items. Also, while trading gems in the bag you will also be getting parts of decorations. When you collect all the parts of a decoration you will be able to put it in the house or in your town. In order to find out how many gems or bunches of gems are needed at the moment for trading - click on a character. After you have collected a required amount of gems, click on this character again to tell him that you are ready for a trade.


Where to get gems?


You can get gems from trading bags. The first trading bags can be purchased from Leprechaun for coins. Other trading bags you can either buy for certain gems, Leprechaun Currency or diamonds. You can exchange one type of gems for another type in trading bags, this is how the exchange works:

Coins - sapphires
Sapphires - emeralds
Emeralds - rubies
Rubies - moonstones
Moonstones - black diamonds
Black diamonds - golden jades


There are special trading bags for nighttime, as well as for daytime. The former ones are open at night and closed shut at daytime. The daytime ones work in reverse. Day and Night are interchanging in 4-hour cycles. You can accelerate this process for diamonds. You can trade gems in every bag up to ten times at the right time of day, after this you will need to wait until the next matching time of day comes. After the bag opens, it needs some time to accumulate gems. You can accelerate this process using diamonds or Leprechaun Currency.

You can change the terms of exchange in trading bags - increasing or decreasing the amount of traded gems.


How to get Leprechaun Currency?

The currency can be dropped while the ‘Chain luck’ is active or you can buy it from Leprechaun. Also you can get currency by exchanging coins, gems or diamonds in Leprechaun’s bag of ‘Incredible luck’.


“Chain luck”


If you trade gems in similar bags, you get the ideal trade sequence - you will see numbers on bags. Collect gems following this sequence to get more gems. The longer you can keep the sequence going, the more lucrative your trade will be.

After the ‘Chain luck’ begins some trading bags will need some time to recover, but you can skip it by paying some diamonds or using Leprechaun currency.

Bunches of gems.


Bunches of gems are needed for getting parts of decorations and items for Anna’s friends.  You can get a bunch of gems by exchanging a big amount of gems at Leprechaun - click on the scales icon after clicking on him. Bunches can also drop while trading gems when a high level of exchange is used and when the sequence of collecting gems has been followed for a long time. 



During the adventure, you will be receiving decoratins as a reward - the ones that you help rebuild for Anna's friends. Also, upon completion of the adventure you will receive a special decoration - a magic bag that will bring you 3 diamonds a week, if you regularly "feed" it with gold coins.

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