The Wonderworld Tree

What to do?

Anna has to restore the Inspiration Tree. The Inspiration Monster will help her but in a funny way: his skin releases Resin which is required to restore the tree, and to get the Resin you need to feed the Monster with truffles. Sniffer Pigs will help Anna find truffles. To get Sniffer Piglets Anna needs to restore their homes, and put special bait in a bowl, and a piglet will come to his house.


How to restore piglets’ houses?

To unlock new houses you need to revive the roots of the Inspiration Tree with the Resin.

How  to lure Sniffer Pigs?


Click on an empty house to find out what a piglet likes to eat to be able to lure it to its house. Find or purchase the bait and put it into the bowl and the piglet will come instantly.


How to find truffles?

After you lured a piglet you need to train it for finding truffles. Piglets come in three levels. A level one piglet can only remember one type of truffle at a time, so you need to train it each time for a different type of truffle. Level 2 piglets can look for 2 types of truffle. Level 3 piglets can find rare types of truffle and remember 4 types of truffle at a time. Click on a truffle projection and choose a type you need. After a while a piglet will learn this type of truffle (you can skip this time by paying some diamonds).
Then you need to purchase a basket from the Monster and put your piglet in it. Take the basket with the piglet inside and go to one of the locations. Move around the location together with your piglet and it will find some truffles.
Each location contains certain types of truffles: click on the location and then on an ‘i’ icon to see information about this location. New truffles appear on locations once every hour. After you return from the location to the Interworld the piglet will go back to its house to have a rest. You can skip the time of rest by paying some diamonds.

Piglets’ abilities.

When your searching for truffles on a location you can click on your piglet and use the Super-vision ability and  the piglet will point out the spot where he thinks you can find a truffle. Super-vision won't be available again for a while.

How to make food for the Monster?


The Inspiration Monster needs to be fed every 4 hours, and it return he will be giving you the Resin for restoring the Tree. You will see an icon with a type of food above a plate - click on it to see which truffles you need to prepare this dish. To feed the Monster create the food and leave it on a plate until the Feast time comes (there is a timer above the Monster, which you can skip by paying diamonds). When the Monster is ready for the Feast click on the food and then on the Monster to feed him. After this he will give you some Resin.


Restoration of the Tree.


After you receive the Resin from the Monster click on one of the roots of the Inspiration Tree to revive it. Continue feeding the Monster and restoring the Tree.

What to do if the weeds block your way?

If some tangleweed is blocking your way, you can find a pair of garden shears behind one of the piglet’s houses which you can use to get rid of the tangleweed.

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