Sweet Not-Kingdom

What to do?


In this adventure Anna has to collect candy. They can be found on the peaks. To collect the candy you need to crush the sweet rocks. Sweet rocks are located on steep slopes where Anna has to climb. Before the making the climb Anna can look at the peak and decide whether to continue the climb or find a peak with different colors.

Collection phases.


There are 2 phases during the collection process - an active and a passive one. In the passive phase you can use passive magic and to rearrange the sweet rocks. You can swap only the rocks standing next to each other.

To crush the rock more effectively, move the rocks of the same color in such a way that they stand close to each other. However do it carefully because you will be spending bottles of passing magic by swapping sweet rocks.

In the active phase you won’t be able to move the rocks anymore. Anna will have to activate a magic enhancer to crush sweet rocks. The magic enhancer also starts a chain reaction which will crush nearby rocks. The magic enhancer will be active for a certain period of time but you can add some sweet energy from the start to activate it for a longer period of time or else you can prolong it by paying some diamonds.

Some rocks are harder than other ones and it’s better to start crushing them first because a chain reaction will be crushing normal rocks but not hard rocks. A fiery crevice that appears sometimes will destroy all nearby sweet rocks.

Anna will have to use bottles with magic both in the passive and in the active phases. On the field with squares you will see numbers of 3 different colors - they denote the amount of bottles with passive, active or neutral magic that Anna has at the moment. If you ran out of bottles you can always buy additional ones with diamonds.


Collecting candy.

After all the required rocks were crushed Anna has to walk along the cliff and collect all the dropped candy. Click on the portal icon and then click on the railing, and you will immediately move to the right place on the cliff.

Candy thieves will be trying to steal the candy and Anna has to stop them before they steal anything.


Going back.


After Anna collects the candy, she has to descend but all the bottles with magic will disappear However, you can leave some bottles there or else save some bottles for the next use by paying some diamonds..


In the Kingdom.


You can move between the locations in the Kingdom with the help of a flying monster. Feed him some sweets and click on a purple portal on the ground to move to that area.


Getting ready for candy collection.


Before going to one of the peaks to collect candy Anna has to collect provisions from the bushes and get sweet energy. Bushes accumulate provisions over a certain period of time - hover your mouse above it to see a timer. When you click on a bush you can see how much provision it accumulates and how fast. You can upgrade each bush by using sweet energy or by paying diamonds.

On the location you will see a backpack with some numbers beside it - those numbers indicate the amount of bottles of magic in the backpack. You can click on these numbers to put bottles from your inventory into the backpack. You can extend the capacity of the backpack for some diamonds. Before going to the peak you need to fill it with bottles of magic - go to the chest which stands close by and click on it - Anna can create passive, active or neutral magic bottles out of sweet energy that she has. If you didn’t create any bottles of magic before the ascent, you can always buy them with diamonds when you’ve reached the top.


Sweet energy.


Sweet energy is a valuable resource in the Kingdom. Without it Anna can’t go collecting candy. Angie can exchange sweet energy for diamonds for Anna.




You will see orders icons in the Kingdom - click on one of them to see which candy are needed to create this order. The more orders you complete the further you can move across the Kingdom.




Complete this adventure and you’ll be able to receive not only a new themed outfit for Anna but also extend your Halloween Kingdom location (and if you don’t have it now, you will get it).

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