Tooth fairies

What to do?


Anna needs to equip tooth fairies and send them to the zones to different continents. They will be bringing back some resources - coins and parts of decorations. Anna can use coins to create unique decorations.


How to create outfits?


Outfit is created from enchanted fabric which appears in chests (you can skip a timer on a chest by paying some diamonds). Different fairies will need different level outfits - some will need basic outfits (level 1) and some will require advanced outfits (level 7). After you’ve collected enchanted fabric from a chest you need to create each piece of outfit on special workbenches - outfits consist of 4 parts: wings, a crown, a pouch and a magic wand. After you’ve created all those items, you can create an outfit on a special table.


How to send a fairy to one of the zones?


In order to send a fairy to one of the zones, you need to give her the proper outfit and sprinkle her wings with magic dust. Magic dust is accumulated by magic trees (you can skip timers by paying some diamonds). You don’t need to click on the trees to collect it - the dust goes straight to your inventory. Click on your fairy to sprinkle her with magic dust. Each fairy can visit a certain zone - choose a fairy and place her to a zone and she will start looking for resources. You can bring the fairy back instantly by using some magic dust or paying diamonds.


What’s the difference between the zones?


Each zone is a different continent, and your fairies will be bringing different coins from different zones, they will also be bringing you decoration parts from time to time.


What are coins for?


Anna can create unique decos using the coins, and also coins will be required for the creation of advanced outfits for tooth fairies.


How to collect more enchanted fabric and magic dust?


You will see dwarf merchants in the house, Anna can purchase additional trees for dust collection and additional chests with enchanted fabric.


How to get additional fairies?


You can find additional fairies in the following adventures:

In the Mine and Mine Only adventure that will be out on November 30.
In the New Beginning adventure that will be out on December 3.

In the Cupboard Skeleton adventure that will be out on December 6.
And in the Magic Shop which will be open from November 30 to December 4.

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