Old grudges

What to do?

In this adventure Anna will help Santa create presents on a factory. Presents are created on conveyors. After that, Santa will deliver presents to children, and you will accumulate a valuable resource - Joy. It will be needed in order to turn on the lights on the garland.


Creating presents

First of all find out which orders did Santa get - click on the envelopes to see which presents you need to make.

Presents are created on conveyors. In order for a conveyor to start working, you need to insert charged batteries into it. The batteries are charged in special generators, and the charge time can be reduced by paying some diamonds. After you have inserted the batteries into the conveyor, click on it and select the present you need to create. After some time it will be ready (can be skipped by paying diamonds). After that, click on the envelope with the corresponding order to “pack” it. After the timer expires, Santa will deliver all the presents that you managed to create. Santa's return time can be skipped by paying diamonds.
Conveyors also come in different types - on the simplest conveyors, the creation of presents will require only batteries, on other conveyors not only batteries but also presents created on the simplest conveyors will be required.


Making complicated presents

Some presents can only be created by the Elves or the Yeti. Therefore, there is a “warehouse” for presents - ice labyrinths. In the labyrinths of the Elves, Anna will be able to find the presents of the elves, and in the labyrinths of the Yeti, respectively, the presents of the Yeti.




Since the Elves and the Yeti are hostile to each other, Anna can only be on the side of either one of the factions and create labyrinths of this faction. In order to receive presents from the labyrinths of another faction, you can ask your friends to join the faction opposite yours and leave them presents in the labyrinth of your faction that you have created, and then go to visit them on the “Ice Labyrinths” location and collect presents from another faction there. To leave presents in the labyrinth for your friends, click on the labyrinth icon and select the icon with the present, and then select the present you want to leave there. However, the presents will be stored in the labyrinths only for a certain amount of time, after which they will go bad. But with the help of magic, you can extend the time of storing presents in the labyrinth.
You can change your faction with the help of the Snowman to make the presents you need, either by waiting 24 hours or paying some diamonds. When you change your faction, you will be taken to the factory of another faction, where you will have to restore it again. Also, Santa's orders will be updated. So think twice before you change the faction.


New recipes for the presents


In order to receive recipes for new toys, go through special “difficult” labyrinths of the Yeti or the Elves - to find them, approach the Yeti or the Elf, which stands outside the factory and select the option “Go to a new territory”. Having passed a difficult labyrinth, you will find a chest with the recipe of a new toy.

Additional conveyors


Additional conveyors can be unlocked by paying some diamonds and by completing the new adventures which will be released in the upcoming weeks.


Unique decorations


You can purchase unique faction decorations from a faction representative, and the further you are in the quest, the more decorations you can create. In order to receive a different faction's decoration, ask your friends to create it and to gift it to you. However, each faction has access to 2 special decorations which can only be received if you are a part of that faction



As a reward for the completing this adventure, you will receive, in addition to some nice unique decor, a new magnificent winter outfit for Anna, as well as new territories in the Christmas cottage location.

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