Beauty Levels

Beauty levels give you lots of bonuses. You can see available bonuses for the current beauty level if you tap on the beauty level flower at the top of the screen (the bar with the pink flower).



For each new beauty level, you get:

- a lovely reward in the form of diamonds  

- permanent bonuses to resources in the free chest

- permanent additional diamonds for completing adventures

- You can even increase Anna’s movement speed!


What's more, new rooms in Anna's house open up at certain levels! As you may have noticed, some parts of Anna's house, including the garden, are locked or covered in dark fog. If you tap on this fog or on the glass door to the garden, you will find out what beauty level is needed to open this part of the house.


To increase beauty level, you need to earn beauty points. You can get them by putting up decorations in Anna’s house. Different decorations earn you different amounts of points! You can check how many points a certain decoration will earn you by looking at the number marked with a pink flower below the decoration in the decoration store.


Please be aware that all resources and diamonds marked with a pink flower (in the free chest or as a reward for an adventure) are additional rewards that you get for the current beauty level, and not beauty points._______3eng.png

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