Affairs of the heart

What to do?


Anna once again comes to the rescue of Ghost Town which sank in the aura of indifference, consisting of dense fog. You need to clear one island after another from the aura of indifference with emojis. You can get emojis by treating emotionless ghosts which you will be coming across on those islands, and bringing them to Cupidia Center for treatment.


Clearing the fog


You will need certain emojis to clear island from the aura of indifference. To find out which emoji are needed for a particular part of the fog, you need to use a scanner. Click on a clot of fog to scan it. After that, click on it again to see which emoji are needed to remove it. If you do not have required emojis, you can stop scanning, using some love berries or diamonds, and start scanning again - then the fog will most likely need other emojis. Clearing the fog, you will sometimes find love berries, as well as recipes for decorations which are different for different players, which you can either keep for yourself, or share with your friends.


Berries of indifference


Berries of indifference grow on the bushes that you will find on the islands with fog. You will need them to gather fruit in Cupidia Gardens. Dried bushes can be revived with love berries, which can also be used to improve the bushes so that they bear fruit more often .
The further you progress, the less fruitful the bushes from the previous islands will be. When you move to the next island, the bushes from the previous island will bring half the berries of indifference. And the one before that, there's 4 times less berries than on the current one, and even further back, the berries of indifference are replaced by berries of love.


Emotionless ghosts


On the islands you will find ghosts that have lost all emotions. You will need to send these ghosts to the Cupidia  Center to cultivate lost emotions in them, and get the emoji that you need to clear the fog. Each of the ghosts lost a certain emotion - once in the treatment area, they will be painted in the color of this emotion, and after you complete the treatment, you will receive the corresponding emotions.
If a ghost is not sent to the Cupidia  Center, but left on an island, then it will begin to spread a light fog of indifference around itself.


Treating emotionless ghosts


To treat ghosts, you will need to create paintings - the artist will help you with this if you bring him necessary fruits to create paints. You need to put the created picture into the ghost's soul, and then the ghost will experience emotions. The more accurate the picture, the more emotion you will get.


Gardens of Cupidia


You will need berries of indifference to go to Cupidia Gardens. In Cupidia Gardens, you can collect the fruit of desire that are needed to create paints for paintings. Anna will need tools for picking fruit - shovels, pickaxes and pruners. You will need to order these tools on a special table. The time to create tools can be skipped using berries of indifference or diamonds.




Anna has a special detector which will show the quantity of available fruits in Cupidia Gardens. The basic detector will only show 1 type of fruit but you can upgrade it by clicking on it.




You can improve 2 parameters: power and accuracy of the detector. By improving power, the detector will be able to distinguish more types of fruit. And by improving the accuracy, the detector will additionally show the number of clusters of fruit found.


If the location does not have fruit of the kind that you need at the moment, you can leave and go to another location so as not to waste tools.
To check the number of available fruit at a location, click on the question mark next to the desired type of fruit, and the detector will show you how much of this type is available.


To collect the fruit, you need to clear the obstacles - this will require tools. Several tools may be needed to remove certain obstacles, but you can always improve the tools at the Cupidia Center so that they are spent in smaller quantities - for this you will need love berries or diamonds. To improve a tool, you need to click on it and select the currency you wish to spend.




A certain amount of time is given to picking fruit, which you can extend with the help of the berries of indifference. You can also improve the clocks to be able to stay longer in the Gardens.




Creating pictures


When you collect the necessary fruit of desire, go to the artist, who will help you in creating paintings. Your task is to create a picture on the board that is as close as possible to the picture of the treatment program - part of the picture should include the form of the treatment program. It is not necessary that all colors coincide, there may also be extra elements, but the more the picture looks like a treatment program, the more emotions you will get.


Pick a ghost that you want to treat and click on an icon with numbers.




The treatment program which you need to repeat, you see on the bottom board.




And the board on which you need to create your picture is near the artist.




Take the item created by the artist, and move it to the large board. The artist will be able to move it, rotate, change color and shape - to do this, click on a piece of the picture and select “Use magic”, and then the necessary action.
After that, select a piece of the picture that matches the form of the treatment program, that is, the place that should correspond to the center of the treatment program (it is marked with a circle).






What love berries are for?


Love berries are used as the currency of Cupids, which you can use to exchange for useful resources - the berries of indifference. Using love berries, you can improve bushes on which berries of indifference grow, stop scanning the fog, improve tools, remove thunder clouds in a ghost treatment zone, improve the clocks, send cupids in search of new ghosts.

What to do if there are no ghosts on the islands and there are no ghosts that I need in the treatment zone?


New ghosts will appear on the islands with fog over time. While you are waiting, you can collect the fruit of desire in the Gardens, as you will need them later.

Also, you can talk to the cupid, and ask him if there are any ghosts who need help.

He will offer to send cupids in search of ghosts who need treatment, or you can choose the option “Restore the emotion of ...”, and then a non-emotional ghost with this emoji will appear in the treatment area - for this you will need to pay the love berries.

And you can exchange emotions with your friends.




As a reward for completing this adventure, you will receive not only wonderful unique decorations and new themed boosters, but also a new outfit for Anna and the key that you will need to open locations.

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