Photo Album

As you complete adventures, you will receive not only decorations as a reward, but also booster packs. Booster packs are sets of photo fragments for the Photo Album. Collecting fragments, you will complete photos, and from the photos you will assemble collections. You will get diamonds for completing photos, and unique decorations for assembling collections.

To open the Photo album, click on it. The Photo album icon is located on a panel at the bottom right corner of your game screen.




Inside the Photo Album you will see your collections.




If you have new booster packs you will see an exclamation mark on the Photo Album icon. Click on a cute ghost at the bottom of the Album to see booster packs available to you. 






In the 'Boosters' window you will see unopened booster packs. Click the 'Use' button to open them.




When you open a pack you will see photo fragments. They can be repeating, but you can exchange them with your friends to help them complete their photographs. Click the “Claim” button to collect the cards.




In the album you will see a tab with general collections and also a tab with themed collections  dedicated to various events and holidays, such as St Valentine's Day, Christmas, Easter and so on. To see themed collections, go to the “Events and Holidays” tab. You can receive themed boosters after completing certain adventures dedicated to a particular event. 




Select a collection and you will see which photos you need to create, which fragments you need, as well as the number of certain photo fragments that you have. Extra fragments can be gifted to your friends by clicking on the gift box button. Find the fragments you need in the boosters, or ask your friends to send you some by clicking on the heart icon. 




When you collect all the photos in the collection, you will be able to complete it and receive a well-deserved reward - click on it and it will be added to your Inventory. 





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