How to solve riddle in the "Inside magic" adventure?

On the "Magic space" level of the "Inside magic" adventure you need to collect 5 crystal orbs and place them on the pedestal. After that you will be able to collect the last Sapphire of Clarity.

To get access to the location you need to turn the stones so that the lines on them form the "eternity" symbol. To turn the stone you need to tap it:


On the island below the throne you will find the first crystal orb:


And two levers that open other parts of the location:


To travel between islands you need to activate teleports. For that tap the red button:


Please note that to travel to the next teleport (red beam) you need to tap the teleport to which you want to go to.

Near the third teleport there are two more crystal orbs:


Next you need to return to the throne using the violet portal:


Behind the throne you will find the crystal orb and a lever:


And a puzzle, that you need to solve to obtain the last crystal orb. To solve the puzzle you need to turn the tiles on the floor by tapping them so that they form a "heart" shape as on the picture below:


After that you need to place all five orbs on the pedestal. For that tap the pedestal five times to lit all the circles:


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