Lost spoon

What to do?


Anna will have to investigate the disappearance of golden items missing from residents of Ghost Town. She will go to the underground town, where she will, cooperating with the dwarves, advance through the treasury of leprechauns, remove the protective aura to reach the center of the treasury and find out who and why stole Grandpa’s spoon and Ricardo’s pruner.


Leprechaun treasury


The treasury consists of tracks that are blocked by a protective aura. To clear the aura, Anna will need gems that she will collect in the dungeons. On already cleared sections of the tracks, a protective aura will reappear from time to time, however, if you can cast spells and move on to places with runes in time, the protective aura won’t be restored.


Portals and getting resources


In order to advance through the treasury, you will need gems, and in order to mine gems, you will need certain tools and resources - pickaxes and coal.

In the treasury you will see portals and wagons standing next to them. Click on the wagon to let the dwarves send it to the portal to collect resources. In black portals coal is mined, in violet ones - ore, in golden - gold. When you hover your mouse above a portal, you will see a timer that shows how much time is left before the wagon returns. When the timer expires, a wagon will appear, and you can take resources from it. The timer can be skipped by paying diamonds or gold.

Resources can also be shared with friends.


Creating pickaxes


A craftsdwarf will make varied pickaxes if you bring him the necessary ore.

You have to create ore in the furnaces: go to the melter dwarf, select the type of material you want to make, and load ore into the furnace. You can unlock additional furnaces by completing additional adventures.

There are several types of pickaxes, and the deeper the dungeon - the more durable pickaxe you will need. And to create stronger pickaxes you will require more complex resources.


Descending to the dungeons


To go down into a dungeon, you will need pickaxes, as well as coal in order to light a candle. The candle will burn while the spelunker can throw coal into it. Coal is spent every 30 seconds. If the candle goes out, you will have to leave the dungeon, but you can light it again for diamonds. You can also return to the dungeon that you just left by paying a certain amount of gold.

In the process of clearing rocks in dungeons, you will spend pickaxes. The current number of pickaxes you have will be displayed on the dungeon floor. If you suddenly run out of pickaxes, you can buy a few extra ones from the spelunker for diamonds.

While clearing rocks you will be finding precious stones. Also, under some rocks you will find keys - these are the keys to the rooms in the current dungeon, however, you do not know which key fits to which door, so you will have to pick the keys to the doors at random, unless you decide to save time and find the right door using diamonds, or ask your companion to find the right door.




Gold is a valuable resource in dwarf kingdom. It can be mined in gold portals in the leprechaun treasury, and can also be procured by melting regular coins in dwarf furnaces. Also you can buy it from the Dwarf King. You will be able to use gold to go back into a dungeon you just left, you will need it for smelting and crafting spells.


The Treasure


In the dungeons, Anna will be accompanied by a cute companion called the Treasure. Upon command, he will be able to follow Anna or find a door that matches the found key. He also can break obstacles, so that Anna can enter a new room without a key.

However, the Treasure has an energy level. The current level will be displayed on the dungeon floor. To restore the energy of the Treasure, you can use diamonds.



For completing the adventure you will receive 7 parts of the Eternal key which you will be able to use to unlock rooms in the ‘Tower of basic elements’ location or in the ‘Marine town’ location. You will also get a new outfit for Anna and, of course, new exclusive decorations!

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