Building Big

General information

Anna embarks on a new, Easter-themed adventure. The leader of Eastern Rabbits - Bun - was swindled by the construction company and his new Easter Castle collapsed. He’s deeply saddened and lost all of his inspiration. Anna’s mission is to help Bun regain his inspiration and rebuild the castle. Bun’s best friend - Cakey - will be helping Anna with her quest. To inspire Bun, Anna will have to collect Easter Eggs which ran off to the Flower mazes and, with the help of guards, deliver them to the different parts of the world.


Rabbit hole

In this location, you can find Flower mazes, Sewer Bunnies and Cakey.

Sewer bunnies make mittens - an important item which Anna needs to collect Easter Eggs. To sew mittens, Anna will need various threads, which can be gathered at Egg Valley and found in the daily bonuses. At first, only three colours will be available to Anna but as the journey goes on Cakey will grant you access to new sewing machines with which you can make new mittens. Cakey also transports Anna to the Egg Valley.

Egg Valley

At Egg Valley, Anna gathers important resources and makes egg orders.

To make an order Anna will need guards. One guard is available by default, other ones can be unlocked for diamonds or by playing the additional journeys which will arrive at the later date. The fulfilled orders award inspiration - the crucial resource for rebuilding. Each order requires a different amount of eggs. You can make either full or partial orders. For example, you have filled only one of three egg baskets. You can still send the order out, but it will award less inspiration.  

Near the guards, you can find flower bushes which produce different threads. The colour of the bush indicates the colour of the thread it procures. New bushes are unlocked together with guards.


Flower mazes

In Flower mazes, Anna collects Easter Eggs. To collect eggs, Anna will need special mittens. The colour of the mittens Anna wears is responsive to the colour of the collectable egg. For example, if you search the grass with blue mittens equipped, you will find only blue eggs. With green mittens - green eggs and so on. To change equipped mittens, speak with the Searcher bunny. The number of available gloves will be shown at the start of the maze.

To travel through the maze, you will also need pollen. Each step consumes pollen, so plan your moves carefully. You can see the number of remaining steps near the mittens counter. Each step consumes two units of pollen. The number of steps is rounded up, for example, 50 units of pollen would equal 30 steps. Pollen is produced at flower bushes.


Planning the castle

Before building your new castle, you can plan its appearance in advance by travelling to a special hub - Drawing Board -  using Bun’s dialogue window. Planning uses Design paint.

Drawing Board is a field for your design experiments. Plan your wonderful castle before building it.


Building the castle

To build the castle you need inspiration, which you get through eggs orders. IMPORTANT: after you placed a new castle tile, YOU CAN’T REPLACE IT! Please use the Drawing Board to plan the castle before constructing it!

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