Series of adventures

In our game there are series of adventures. These are several adventures, all united by the same story. These adventures can be replayed later. But you can complete the series and receive a special reward only once!


When series of adventures is issued, the special list is added to the "Adventure" menu. There you can find all the adventures, related to the series. There are also time remaining to complete the series, and a reward that you will receive if you complete series in time.




The series consists of several adventures and a hub location (on the screenshot attached it is called "Mountain Pass"). There you will find out the plot of the story, and upon completing all adventures - it's ending. Sometimes it is also possible to create there an additional secret reward. Resources or elements of the reward can be found in the related adventures.


To receive the reward for the series you need to complete all related adventures in time. Usually, these adventures are issued gradually, one after another. You can check the date, when an adventure will be available, in the description of the adventure. 

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